REQA Combo Pack

  • 4 set box REQA Complete Toys
  • FREE 50 extra components
  • FREE limited-edition manual booklet
  • Free delivery for Peninsular Malaysia. Additional RM5 for Labuan, Sabah & Sarawak



About us

  • REQA Toys encourage learning through play
  • 130pcs of varieties REQA block components
  • REQA blocks are made of polypropylene plastic (food-grade plastic, non-toxic, safe for children) with smooth surfaces
  • Different types of REQA blocks : Yellow 90 degree, Orange 45 degree, Connectors, Gears and Shafts for basic to complex model
  • REQA is fun and vibrant
  • Suitable Age: Children 3 years +


REQA helps to develop your children’s:

  • Early exposure to High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Fine motor, cognitive abilities and complex problem-solving skills
  • Limitless creativity


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Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 23 × 32 × 21 cm

4 reviews for REQA Combo Pack

  1. Yati B. C.

    Anak-anak saya suka main dengan Reqa. Alhamdulillah. Diorang selalu tukar-tukar design KLCC, Hovercraft la. Nanti nenek diorang suruh beli lagi 1 lagi set REQA Combo tu sebab berebut.

  2. Nur Ika

    Anak tak puas main.. habis klcc, eifel tower, burj khalifa dia dah buat.. harap boleh keluarkan main saiz gergasi pulak..

  3. Batrisya

    I can only say very responsible seller. bought this as a bday gift for my girl, seller pack it thick, nice and properly in a larger box to prevent any damage on the item. very satisfied!

  4. Razib Husin

    Thanks Reqa launch this kind of product 🥺 my son love it so much

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